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Somedays you're the spider, and somedays you're the fly

Scruffy (aka Carmel)
Okay, so I'm not a real Doctor, but I AM at medical school. So, as long as nothing unexpected happens, I will be a doctor. I'm somewhere in the middle of my 20's, possibly closer to 30 than I am to 21. I live with my orange cat and my husband (who is now a doctor!) in a cute little house. :)


The Scruffys are having a baby!!!

I even have a ticker to prove it:

So, this journal will now be expanding to including the experience of pregnancy, childbirth and having a family, whilst maintaining my sanity and staying in med school!!!

My Policy on Friending

I have a fairly simple policy regarding friending. If I friend you, it basically means I've been following your blog for awhile, and am now tired of looking you up. I can't predict what will take my fancy, but I can say that the act of friending you does not mean I am stalking you, or that I'm odd (I am odd, however). Likewise, please don't feel obliged to friend me in return. However, please feel free to friend me at your earliest inclination (just don't feel obliged to do it)...